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xTool M1 Laser incl. Cutting plotter - 5W Basic

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P1030281
Barcode: 6928819514959
899,00 799,00
inclusive of VAT +


xTool M1 Desktop Hybridlaser with 5W Laser and Blade Cutting Machine

With the new xTool M1, the world's first desktop hybrid laser joins hobbyplotter.

In addition to the powerful laser for cutting and engraving, the xTool M1 also has a blade holder for cutting foils and paper! It is easy and safe to use, whether you are a hobbyist, home user, amateur or professional, with the xTool M1 you can create more than you can imagine.

Whether leather, stainless steel, acrylic, kraft paper, cardstock, plastic, MDF, marble, wood or many more - the powerful laser processes, cuts or engraves over 500 materials easily and conveniently in no time at all. And that (with the 5W equipment) up to a thickness of 4mm!

Examples xTool M1 Desktop-Hybridlaser

Innovative laser technology with ease of use!

Compressed Spot technology enables ultra-high precision of 0.01mm.

The large working area of 38.5cm x 30cm for the laser and 36.5cm x 30cm for the blade cutter, provides enough space for a variety of applications.

With the 16 megapixel wide-angle camera, the xTool M1 previews your design and inserted material in the workspace.

Features xTool M1 Desktop Hybridlaser

The free and easy-to-use xTool Creative Space software is available for Windows and Mac and for mobile devices.

Safety is key - for your protection, the lid filters the blue light from the laser and the unit stops automatically when the lid is opened.

2-Jahre Garantie beim Kauf eines xTool M1 Laser inkl. Schneideplotter 5W Basic

You get 2 years warranty on your xTool M1 Laser incl. Cutter - 5W Basic.

Our terms of guarantee apply.

hobbyplotter.de also offers participation in Premium Support:
- 30 days free access to the telephone hotline
- Online support for PC problems
- Preferential handling of support requests by e-mail
- Qualified technicians
- Own workshop for service cases
- Problem-free warranty processing in Germany
- Free access to the download area**

** with diverse content such as a variety of ready-made designs, documentation and instructions in German, software and drivers.


  • xTool M1 5W Laser and Blade Cutting Machine
  • Basic Material Package (5 parts)
  • Light-grip Cutting Mat (Blue)
  • Strong-grip Cutting Mat (Pink)
  • 5x 45° Replacement Blade
  • 10x Triangular Prism
  • Exhaust Pipe Kit
  • xTool Creative Space Software for Download (English text edition, probably also available in German from March 2023)

System requirements:

At least:

Operating system: Win10 (64-bit) or higher / Mac 10.14. or higher | Processor: Intel Core i5-6200U | Hard disk space: 8 GB  | Display size: 1280 x 720 px


Operating system: Win10 (64-bit) or higher / Mac 10.14. or higher | Processor: Intel Core i5-11600 | Hard disk space: 16 GB | Display size: 1920 x 1080 px

Leaflet DE (PDF)

Leaflet EN (PDF)

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