Best price guarantee for xTool lasers

We always offer you the best price for xTool brand items.
If you get the item you want cheaper from another retailer, simply contact us and we guarantee that we will at least match that price.

To take advantage of the best price guarantee, send us a short message via our contact form or to and send us a link to the competitor's offer. Alternatively, you can also send us a screenshot of your shopping basket.


The following conditions apply to the best price guarantee:
The best price guarantee applies to all xTool brand items and only applies to original items, not to third-party products or copied products.
The item, its condition and scope of delivery must be identical. The item must be in the webshop.
The best price guarantee is only valid before the purchase - a subsequent reduction of the price is not possible.
The best price guarantee is only applicable to other reputable suppliers based in the European Union.
The total price including all additional costs (such as shipping costs) is used for the comparison, we offer you at least the same total price.
Auctions on auction platforms are excluded. Credit balances or credit notes are not taken into account.
The best price guarantee does not apply to resellers and only applies to offers from competitors that are freely accessible.