xTool Material Plywood Experience Box

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P5020163
Barcode: 19312201408
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xTool Material-Plywood Experience Box V1.0

Perfectly equipped for your wood projects

With this xTool material box, you have the perfect basis to start your wood projects or simply try out different types of wood. Whether you want to create decorations, model airplanes, toys, signs, caketoppers, lettering, pictures or more: Wood offers you a myriad of possibilities.

Six types of wood in just one box!

The material box contains three plywood sheets of each of the following wood species:

Basswood, Birch, Red Oak, Walnut, Bubinga and Cherry.

Feel free to use several different types of wood in one project to create great color nuances.

Scope of delivery:

3x Basswood Plywood
3x Birch Plywood
3x Red Oak Plywood
3x Walnut Plywood
3x Bubinga Plywood
3x Cherry Plywood


12“ x 12“ x 1/8“ each

Suitable for:

all xTool lasers

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