xTool Fire Safety Kit for M1 and P2

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P5010212
Barcode: 6928819517431
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The world's first full auto fire safety set for desktop lasers

You want to play it safe? With the automatic xTool Fire Safety Set you are perfectly prepared for all emergencies. The xTool Fire Safety Set automatically detects fire inside a laser and smothers it by means of carbon dioxide - harmless for you and for your laser.

Auto-warning system for more safety

As soon as your Fire Safety Set detects fire inside the laser, it warns you by means of a signal tone and then smothers the flame with carbon dioxide within a few seconds.

No fear for your laser

The carbon dioxide emitted is completely harmless to both you and your laser. So your laser will remain operational.

Replaceable gas cartridges

Thanks to replaceable gas cartridges, you can continue to use your Fire Safety Set even after it has been used. A set of four gas cartridges is already included in the scope of delivery.

Replacement cartridges can be purchased separately.

The Fire Safety Set is compatible with the xTool M1 and xTool P2.

Scope of delivery:

  • xTool Fire Safety Set
  • Power Adapter
  • 5 Sensors
  • Sensor hub
  • Tube
  • 4 CO2 gas bottles
  • Tube clamp
  • Cable clamp
  • Cable tie pack
  • Tape
  • Smart Switch


Suitable for

xTool M1
xTool S1
xTool P2 (LC1)
xTool F1
xTool F1 Ultra
xTool P2 (LC4)

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