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24 Great Ideas with the xTool M1 Laser Cutter, Including Instructions & Designs

Barcode: 9783747507933
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The Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your Laser Hobby

Discover all the essentials for diving into the world of laser hobbies in this book, complete with step-by-step instructions and 24 captivating designs available for free download (for private use only).

Navigating from Software Download to Finished Creations

Author Jeannine Christian takes readers on a journey from software download to the tangible realization of various projects in meticulously crafted and beautifully illustrated chapters. Offering practical tips throughout, she ensures readers experience swift successes with the projects' straightforward execution.

Exploring a Wide Spectrum of Possibilities

The 24 showcased projects highlight the diverse range of possibilities achievable with a laser: from engraved cooking utensils and cake servers to personalized dog tags and custom-made stamps—there's a fitting project for everyone. Additionally, potential accessories such as the rotation unit or elevation for the xTool M1 are introduced, with their usage explained in individual projects.

The designs featured in the projects can be freely downloaded through a link provided in the book.

2024 Edition
104 Pages

Note: This book is exclusively available in German.


Suitable for

xTool M1
xTool S1
xTool P2 (LC1)
xTool F1
xTool F1 Ultra

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