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xTool Riser Base with Honeycomb Panel for M1 Laser

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P5010190
Barcode: 6928819516694
inclusive of VAT +
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xTool Raiser with honeycomb for M1 Laser

The raiser is an extension of the installation space and comes with many great and practical advantages. In this extended workspace you can cut with the laser,  blade or create laser engravings.

First, build the side parts of the raiser around the M1 base plate (only included with the M1 laser). The honeycomb plate can be slid onto the rails of different heights as needed, similar to a baking tray.

This allows you to engrave designs up to 120mm high, for example, which would be too tall for the standard workspace.

Operations with the Honeycomb

Closed design

Safe working with the elevation and the honeycomb plate. Thanks to the design you can easily extend your M1 and have even more possibilities.

Supports RA2 Pro

Use the RA2 Pro to engrave round objects (3 - 102 mm diameter). Thanks to the larger workspace, you can easily customize glasses, mugs and more.

120 mm high objects

Materials up to 120mm high can be engraved (Without RA holder).


Eye protection

The laser protection windows prevent damage to your eyes.

Fast heat dissipation for clean surfaces

The large honeycomb holes provide faster heat dissipation. This reduces the burn marks on your materials.

 Sample Picture


Magnetic material pins

With the help of the magnetic pins your material can be fixed and smoothed.

mm & inch scale

The scale on the outer edge helps you work.

 MM Inch Skala

Compatible with Air Assist Set

(Sold separately) The elevator is compatible with the Air Assist Set. This can be easily carried out on the side of the elevation.

 Kompatibel mit Air Assist

Please note that in order to be able to use this product to its full extent, it is necessary to remove the base of the M1 laser.
As a result, the device no longer meets the requirements of laser class 1 and must be classified as laser class 4 according to DIN EN 60825.

We therefore offer this product exclusively to entrepreneurs according to BGB §14.
Please note that the "Ordinance on the Protection of Employees against Dangers from Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV)" must be observed.

In order to be able to purchase the device Product Entrepreneur, please first register as an entrepreneur on the following page.

Scope of delivery:

2x Riser Plates

1x Honeycomb panel

2x Light shiedling plate

1x Focus ruler

4x Magnetic Material Pin

1x User Manual

Scope of Delivery


Suitable for

xTool M1
xTool S1
xTool P2 (LC1)
xTool F1
xTool F1 Ultra

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Sejr gut für höhere bzw. dickere Materialien.
puenktchen.liebe 18.07.2023
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