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plottiX - Heat Resistant Tape - 2cm x 33m

Producer: plottiX
Barcode: 0767523869094
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The Heat Resistant Tape is ideally suited to hold your foil designs in position during the transfer process.

Simply attach your design to your textile with the Heat Resistant Tape so that it can no longer slip during the transfer process. In addition, the Heat Resistant Tape is also suitable for use with a cup press. So you can easily attach your sublimation design to your cup as desired – you never have to worry again that the design will shift again when you insert the cup into the press and then be transferred crookedly to the cup.

The Heat Resistant Tape ensures a straight result and should not be missing in any transfer process!

Width: 2 cm

Length: 33 m

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milliswunschwerkstatt 22.06.2022
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Ich bin super zufrieden!
niam1989 19.12.2022
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claus.eckert 20.09.2022
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dennis.wirth 19.06.2023
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