Madeira Water-Soluble Stabilizer - Avalon Ultra

Producer: Madeira
Producer product No.: 9441
Barcode: 4003760982056
16,95 (€ 18,83 / m²)
inclusive of VAT +


Madeira's Avalon Ultra water-soluble stabilizer is extremely sturdy and therefore suitable for embroideries without a hoop. It's well-suited for all your projects that require additional stability. After embroidering, the remaining film can be easily washed away.

Ideal for:

  • Large embroideries without a hoop
  • Intricate freehand and computer embroideries
  • Etched embroideries
  • Lace embroidery
  • Use as the top layer of thread technique

 Product dimensions: 30 cm x 3 m

Thickness: 90 microns

Color: Transparent

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