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xTool Honeycomb Panel for S1 Laser

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P5010250
Barcode: 6928819519510
inclusive of VAT +


Better fixation of your materials

With the xTool Honeycomb Panel for the S1, you not only protect your base plate from any laser marks, but from now on you can also position your materials even better in the laser.

The Honeycomb Panel comes with four magnetic material clamps, these are simply inserted into the Honeycomb Panel at the required points and finally clamped to your material. Due to the slight magnetic attraction, the material clamps hold excellently inside the Honeycomb Panel - no wobbling, no slipping, no falling out. This gives you optimum control over your material to be lasered.

Dream team Riser Base and Honeycomb Panel

The Honeycomb Panel shows its true potential especially in combination with the xTool Riser Base for the S1. Using the Riser Base, the Honeycomb panel can be positioned in two different places in the laser, so you can always choose the optimal height for you and your project.

Scope of delivery:

  • xTool Honeycomb Panel for S1
  • 4 material clamps
  • User Manual

Max. supported material thicknesses S1:

Without Riser Base:

Without Riser Base; without Honeycomb Panel: 42mm
Without Riser Base; with Honeycomb Panel: 15mm

With Riser Base:
With Riser Base and Honeycomb Panel: 99mm
With Riser Base; without Honeycomb Panel: 125mm


Suitable for

xTool M1
xTool S1
xTool P2 (LC1)
xTool F1
xTool F1 Ultra

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