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xTool Accessory Kit for RA2 Pro

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P5010295
Barcode: 6928819522664
inclusive of VAT +


The xTool Accessory Kit for the RA2 Pro offers additional possibilities for engraving rings and conical objects.

With the new L-shaped module, you can tilt your clamped objects up to an angle of 26°. This facilitates the engraving of conical cups or bottles with irregular surfaces as well as the engraving of ring interiors.

The new laser positioning module indicates the highest point of the clamped object, making it easier for you to adjust the laser focus.

Also included in the accessory set are two boundary pieces. These are placed at the bottom of the laser, allowing the rotation expansion to be positioned in exactly the same place in the laser every time. This saves a tremendous amount of time, especially in serial production, as the design and focus do not need to be realigned repeatedly.

The xTool RA2 Pro rotation expansion is required to use the accessory set.


Scope of Delivery:

  • xTool Accessory Kit for RA2 Pro
  • 2 positioning bolts
  • 4 Nano-Tape corners
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • 1 Hex key
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • Screws


Suitable for

xTool M1
xTool S1
xTool P2 (LC1)
xTool F1
xTool F1 Ultra

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