plottiX Chalkboard - 20cm x 30cm - loose - Schwarz

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Chalkboard heat transfer foil - perfect for writing on


With the plottiX Chalkboard iron-on foil you can easily press on your designs and write on them with chalk.

The plottiX Chalkboard iron-on foil is ideal for large-area designs that offer space for drawings and writings.

Size: 20cm x 30cm


Chalkboard heat transfer foil – Blade adjustment

Device                          Blade         Pressure

Silhouette                            2         8

Brother CM-Serie                1         0

Brother DX-Serie**        Auto      Auto

Please note that the setting values are approximate. Always use the test cut function of your device before cutting a motif.

**Activate the half cut function


Chalkboard heat transfer foil – characteristics

Pressing time and temperature:               Ca. 5 sec. at 130 °C, ca. 4 sec. at 150 °C, ca. 3 sec. at 160 °C

Remove:                                                        peel off hot

Washable:                                                     up to 60°C

Suitable textiles:                                          cotton, polyester, blended fabrics

 Blackboard Beispiel


Press your textile for about 5 secounds before ironing on your design.

When pressing, put an Antistick Sheet (or baking paper) between your design and the transfer press.

Wash and iron your fabric inside out.


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