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xTool Screen Printer - Multi-Color Kit

Producer: xTool
Producer product No.: P1030551
Barcode: 6928819522800
599,00 479,00
inclusive of VAT +


Smart Screen Printing Solution for Home

With the xTool Screen Printer, xTool revolutionizes the previously complicated and time-consuming process of screen printing, making it accessible to a wide audience. The combination of laser and screen printing is unique and offers incredible benefits:

  • Individual screen design using laser technology
    • Up to 100 prints with just one screen
    • Print materials up to a height of 60 mm
    • Processing time of 1-3 hours instead of 1-2 days
    • Easy application thanks to the included tension frame
    • Extreme precision up to 0.01 mm
    • Easy multi-color implementation with fixing strips (only for S1)
    • Easy to clean


Here's how it works:

  1. Tension the screen in the high-quality metal frame.
  2. Insert into the laser and engrave the desired design.
  3. Snap the finished screen into the screen printer.
  4. Place a bag, T-shirt, paper, or other material on top.
  5. Apply the desired color to the screen with the spatula.
  6. Drag the color over the screen with the squeegee.


Smart Details with Great Impact

The xTool Screen Printer is a creative tool for everyone, evident from its many user-friendly details:

The screens are already precut and can be easily locked in place with the existing fixing pins.

With three motion axes, textiles can be precisely positioned in the screen printer.

The unique Hover Hinge allows quick screen changes for seamless creation of multicolored designs.

The squeegee is equipped with a magnet and can be fixed to the frame between steps, ensuring clean work.


Dream Team: xTool S1 & Screen Printer

Those using an xTool Screen Printer with the xTool S1 enjoy a special advantage: The included fixing strip in the set can be securely attached to the bottom of the xTool S1, ensuring that the screen is always fixed in the same position in the laser. A practical positioning aid for multi-color prints.


This special positioning aid is not available for other laser models.


Compatible with the following devices:

xTool S1
xTool F1
xTool P2 (only with Riser Base)
xTool M1 (only with Riser Base)



Metal frame: 11.5“ x 16“ (29.2 x 40.6 cm)
Screen: 11.5“ x 16“ (29.2 x 40.6 cm)
Squeegee: 9“ x 5“ (22.8 x 12.7 cm)
Spatula: 8“ x 0.8“ (20.3 x 2.0 cm)



Max. insertable height: 60 mm
Max. angle of Hover Hinge: 60°


Package Contents:

xTool Screen Printer
4 Metal frames
16 Fixing pins
1 Magnetic board
1 Cutting mat
12 Screens
1 Squeegee
1 Spatula
10 Water-based inks (2x red, 2x blue, 2x yellow, 2x black, 1x glow in the dark, 1x silver)
1 Screen Printer storage box
1 Canvas bag
Cardboard sheets
User manual

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