xTool S1 20W Diodlaser - Deluxe Bundle

Producer: xTool

xTool S1 20W Diodlaser - Deluxe Bundle  Black
€ 2.399,00 € 1.849,00
inclusive of VAT
xTool S1 20W Diodlaser - Deluxe Bundle  White
€ 2.399,00 € 1.869,00
inclusive of VAT


For those who want it all!

With the xTool S1 20W Deluxe Bundle you are perfectly equipped to start your next creative adventure! Cut or engrave a variety of materials: from wood, to stone, leather, acrylic, metal, stamp materials and much much more!

xTool S1 Laser: More versatile than ever before

With the xTool S1 20W Deluxe Bundle, you get it all! The xTool S1 20W Laser, the Riser Base, the Honeycomb Panel with material clamps, the RA2 PRO Rotary and the newly developed Air Assist.

Insert materials with a height of up to 125mm, engrave balls, cups, glasses, bottles and rings, fix your materials on the Honeycomb Panel and achieve great results on a wide variety of wood types with the new and improved Air Assist.

With this bundle, no wishes remain unfulfilled!


For more information on the individual products, please visit our main product pages:

xTool S1 20W Laser
xTool Riser Base for S1
xTool Honeycomb Panel for S1
xTool Rotary RA2 PRO
xTool Air Assist for S1

Also feel free to check out our xTool S1 info page for more information.

Scope of delivery:

  • xTool S1 Laser 20W
  • Riser Base for S1
  • Air Assist for S1
  • Honeycomb Panel for S1
  • Rotary RA2 PRO for S1

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